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Monday, October 15, 2012

Who is DCClubbing

Who is DCClubbing

From a 2009 Press Release

Fans of DC clubs, the city’s nightlife scene and social media sites can find it all in the new version of It was launched recently by Panorama Productions, the leading nightlife promotions company in the Washington DC metropolitan region.

Washington, DC (PRWEB) Since September 24, 2009 — DC clubs, bars, lounges and other entertainment venues in DC are highlighted in a the version of that embraces social media sites like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter and YouTube.

Panorama Productions, which was created in 1995 by DC nightclub veteran Antonis Karagounis, uses an extensive marketing strategy to create a brand name that has become recognized and respected as the leader in event planning and promotions in the Washington metropolitan region.
Panorama Productions is now hosting five nights and six weekly events in various clubs and lounges. It has ownership stakes in major establishments such as Ultrabar nightclub, Lima restaurant and lounge, Glow at Club Fur and the upcoming Barcode restaurant and lounge.
The secret to its success is in the way it has adapted to the available marketing resources and the evolution of technology. With the launch of the new, Panorama Productions aims to combine social media like Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, Youtube, blogs and digital streaming into one social nightlife network dedicated to DC clubs and nightlife and its many nightclubs, bars and lounges.
“We wanted to move away from the traditional, static websites,” said Mr. Karagounis. “Today, attention spans are shorter, so we wanted to capture people’s eye with digital content, and a constantly updated site that encourages feedback and community building. We have a very young and dynamic audience, so we wanted to create a nightlife information hub, that talks about our events, but also what’s happening in DC nightclubs in general.”, recognizing the rising popularity and influence of web social media, is a website dedicated to bringing the web 2.0 experience to DC nightlife promotions. The site aims to utilize social networking tools to provide visitors with a platform where they may be able to easily access information regarding DC nightlife events, DC clubs and nightclubs, bars and lounges, make inquiries, post information and network with others in the DC nightlife culture.
Other features of the site include the ability for users to read blogs regarding DC nightlife events and view live video feeds and pictures of events occurring in real time.
Social Networking sites reached skyrocketing popularity by following the mantra of “for the people, by the people.” Panorama itself already has over 20,000 Fans on its various event and club pages on Facebook. Following this principle, will introduce people to the ever-growing DC nightlife community and transmit information at a more rapid pace and in an easily accessible format.
For information regarding DC clubs, nightclubs, bars, lounges and upcoming events visit
Panorama Productions social media links are:
Panorama Productions operated and marketed venues/events:
Ultrabar nightclub:
Lima restaurant and lounge:
GLOW at Club FUR :
Barcode restaurant and lounge:
About Panorama Productions:
Panorama Productions, which specializes in hosting and promoting events throughout Washington DC, has helped to launch and establish many DC clubs and nightlife venues, such as Fur nightclub, Ibiza nightclub, Love nightclub, and has had a profound impact in the DC nightlife culture. It is now aiming to integrate social media sites to their site.

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